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Welcome To Lilliput Campus

Lilliput Campus has been established to academic, physical, social and emotional need of students who are in the special and significant period of their lives, as the grow from chilhood to youth. Here knowledge is not for excellence but for sensitive, integrity and pride in one's own heritage.

Every child is Unique, it is a well known fact that no thumb prints as alike. In the same way, we believe that every child is born unique. Each child has a unique brain network that shpes how they absorbs and responds to stimuli. One way of teaching doesn't work for every child. We need to teach the way they learn, not force them to learn the way we teach. (Practical teaching-sline).

Schools are not assembly lines of syllabus and exams. We help children take meaning of life and develop the muscle to lead life effectively for this we go beyond academic to include lfe skills, values and habits.

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Our Features

Concept Development

The teaching of concepts are formulated through activities, songs and games. And a variety of hands on experience through which the child can explore and learn about the world around them.

Formal Work Preparation

Reading is the foundation of all learning. We have a range of exciting activities to help children acquire pre-reading and reading skills. This period will be fun time for the child and they will love it.

Music and Movement

It is observed that music and movement helps the child to have longer attention spans, which helps to improve the listening abilities and the development of language and Vocabulary skills.

Creative Arts

Mixing colors, scribbling across a black board, painting and shaping objects – may look amusing to adults, but they are a great way to teach new way of thinking, creating and communicating with images as well as words.