Lilliput Campus at a Glance

Lilliput Campus at Glance

Our Curriculum

At LC we arm our students with technological super may and help them integrate it with values, morals and our cultural legency. The school curriculum has been painstankingy planned on scientific guidences to provide students with intellectual stiuatation, physical robustness, social adaptability, emotional independence and leadership qualities. It is our endeavor to establish a quality conscious school where:-

  • Excellence is driven by values.
  • Success is strengthened by ethics.
  • Modernity is fortified by tradition.

Choosing a school

Choosing a school for children is one of the most important concerns for parents, as this decision has a great impact on the children’s lives and their futures. Lilliput Campus is a leader in early childhood education. Our experience is combined with new innovations to deliver high quality education appropriate for young learners according to our missions.